Saturday, September 26, 2009

Norman Heavy Infantry

Here are some more Normans using the blackshade method.These are some heavy infantry with the better armored to the front.The shields are more plain and not as fancy as the knights to reflect their less esteemed status.I'm getting somewhere now with this army and I'm close to having a complete FOG/DBMM force. Next up some bowmen and crossbowmen,and eventually a camp and then I will have a standard force I can add to from time to time.
Miniature Company:Old Glory 15's

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bunker Hill

This is some militia I used of mine for an advert of Bunker Hill.A couple friends and myself plan on hosting a demo game of Bunker Hill for a large event here called TACTICA.The Standard was intended for another militia company I'm doing that was inspired by the troops at Bunker Hill and that explains the difference in color from the actual.It is amusing that we actually are going to do Bunker Hill and now the standard I put on the unit will be very appropriate if not completely accurate.
Miniature Company:Perry and Wargames Foundry.


After going through my blog,I noticed some of my close ups were too close and this distorted the actual image of the pictures.With this in mind I made some adjustments and did some resizing.Now my pictures should all be in the proper perspective for viewing.If you have any suggestions or opinions,then please let me know.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Dismounted Norman Knights

Here are some more Normans from my picture files.Again,like I will do with this entire army I'm using the quicker black shade method as described under Norman knights.These knights decided to fight dismounted which was uncommon for Norman knights but did happen.Next up are some Norman heavy infantry.
Miniature Company:Old Glory

Norman Knights

Here are some Norman knights led by a converted William the Conqueror and Bishop Otto.It's perhaps a little more colorful then many Norman armies with the banners,but I like the extra color.I tried out using a different painting method to speed things up a bit.However,it really only works at 15mm and I wouldn't recommend it for 25mm and up.
The method is called black shading and it is where you just paint the raised areas and leave the folds and crevices in the base undercoat of black.From tabletop height it looks pretty good,but doesn't stand up to close inspection.I think it strikes a nice balance between looks and getting an army on the table in a pretty quick time.
This method should only be used to get armies on the table and not for display.This is fine because it allows me to focus my painting on my 25/28mm stuff that is worth the effort and at the same time I'm able to get some things done in the smaller scales.
I plan on using this army for DBA/DBMM and also for some Fields of Glory.
Of course these are also back logged pictures.
Miniature Company:Old Glory 15's

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sd Kfz 251's Halftracks

Once again,I'm adding more backlogged pictures.
This is my first attempt at painting vechicles.They are 3 Sd Kfz 251's and 1 Sd Kfz 250/9 that was sent on accident,that I then decided to use as my command track as it stands out from the others. ;)
I Like my vehicles dirty and worn,with a light mud,but not heavy caked on mud, because I don't think it turns out at this size very well.It was a real challenge painting them,because it's very different from what I normally do.I block painted them and did some controlled dry brushing, black lining,and a very little bit of ink.
I decided on an ambush camo scheme that I have always found to be very interesting.
I experimented with lighting,so please excuse the different shades. Perhaps, if you have time you could tell me which pics looked the best and any pointers. :D
Miniature Company:Flames of War

NB 41's to include command and spotter

These NB 41 Rocket Launchers could be quite frighting to enemy with the screeching noise they would make when launching and of course the destruction they could bring.
Here is my latest installment of NB 41's.I added more crew in German Fieldgray uniforms to the mix of camo to show they are in a more supporting role then actual front line troops.I again took some liberties with uniforms to reflect the individual nature of these troops as I did with the Gepanzerte Panzergrenadiers.
Miniature Company:Flames of War

Gepanzerte Panzergrenadier

For the small guys I prefer a pure blue background as terrain can often wash out the miniatures at this scale.
This project I've been working on for awhile and as part of my backlog of pictures I'm adding this.
As a start to my Panzerkompanie I first began with a Gepanzerte Panzergrenadier platoon. .I used a mix of Pea Dot,Oak Leaf and a few in German Fieldgrey trousers.
I hope some of you enjoy the pics.
Of Note:The idea is they are conducting operations through a village with some crumbling walls showing and the cobblestone streets are a bit overgrown.This will be the theme for my whole army.We are fighting Late War Normandy at our club.
A future project after completing the German Panzerkompanie will be US Airborne.
Miniature Company:Flames of War

Monday, September 7, 2009

Notes on my Blog

Hello to everyone who is kind enough to view my blog.I just started this blog and I had quite a back log of miniatures and I spent the entire weekend working on the blog and adding photo's.My additions are now likely to slow down to a more normal production rate,which for myself leans on the slow side.Anyways,thank you all very much for visiting!


Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's a miners life

No town is complete without a shack,so I set about changing that and for fun I decided this would be open topped.As you can see he's heading off to dig for gold under the gaze of his hard wife who wonders if he ever will strike it rich like he always claims!
Mineature Company:Wargames Foundry

Bank Robbery!

For this set of pictures I attempted to encompass a large part of my town I constructed.I wanted a scene where the outlaws had just robbed the bank and upon leaving the bank were then confronted by a well prepared and very angry towns folk who then proceeded to shoot them to pieces.The outlaws ran for their lives with guns blazing leaving over half their number behind as either killed or too wounded to keep up.
This story was inspired by true events that happened to Jesse and Frank James gang in Northfield Minnesota when the towns people set a trap and basically shot them to ribbons.
Miniature Company:Wargames Foundry


For this scene I made a corral inspired by the famous shoot-out at the OK Corral.Of course in my little gunfight here the antagonists are not the actual famous participants,but members of my own posses of outlaws and lawmen.On hand as well are a doctor,mortician,and an ace reporter to write down all the action for the dime novels.

Miniature Company:Wargames Foundry

Bank and Land Office

There seems to be something amiss going on around the bank with two very desperate looking characters lurking outside the bank door.... and it comes as no surprise that indeed they are robbing the Bank!
I built this bank open topped to allow for bank robbery scenario's,but left the Land office closed.I need to add a Wells Fargo safe someday to the bank to complete the picture.
Miniature Company:Wargames Foundry


This is a small scene I did of a few outlaws breaking their pal out of jail with the Marshall and his deputies moving in to put a stop to it.
I decided to make an open top jail to place prisoners in and the Water Tower I wanted to be pretty tall so I built it high enough that it taller then all my buildings.
Miniature Company:Wargames Foundry