Friday, February 28, 2014

Saxon onslaught and thoughts on this years projects

Hi folks I thought I would post something that I rarely do, but should do more often which is group photo's of collections. This is my complete Saxon warband for Dux Britanniarum as it stands now. It will get larger as I will add more during the campaign and eventually it will form the core starting force for a Dux Bellorum / Impetus army. I will also do a Late Roman force for Dux Britanniarum /Dux Bellorum/Impetus armies. I expect a lot of action from this period as Nick here is also doing both Early Saxons and Late Romans where we will combine our figures for some big games!:-)

I'm currently working on AWI which has really captured my interest again in a big way and at good time too. I'm trying to paint up the AWI lead mountain before the release of the Perry Continental box set that looks to be superb! I'm not a big fan of plastics, but there are exceptions and this is one that being the Perry Continentals box set which offers you the flexibility one really needs for creating the diverse uniforms of the American armies. As you need the diversity not only in different units, but within individual units. Oh, and they also released mounted  Continental dragoons that look fantastic. When it comes to the AWI period one is really spoiled for choice!:-)

Well, that's where I am now and as usual everything is subject to change, but that looks to be what I'll be doing for awhile.

Thanks for viewing!:-)
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Monday, February 24, 2014

1st Maryland Infantry Regiment(Smallwood's Regiment)

This regiment is pretty much a must do on many AWI enthusiasts list of units to do as they fought in both the Northern and Southern campaigns with distinction. It terms of the American army I consider them to be an elite regular regiment.

The regiment was first raised on 14, January 1776 under the command of Colonel William Smallwood and fought in most the major battles of the war including The New York  Campaign, Battle of Trenton, Princeton, Brandywine, Germantown, Monmouth, Camden, Guilford Courthouse before being disbanded on 15 November 1783. The regiment really stood out on Long Island where it virtually by itself  earned the nickname "The Maryland 400" by holding off  some 2000 British long enough for Sterling's entire Brigade to retreat and join the rest of the American army intact by charging the enemy some 6 times, before itself withdrawing. They fought stubbornly in most engagements and only retreated when ordered to do so.

When deciding to do my first Continental unit in coats I knew the first regiment was going to be the 1st Maryland. They were originally in brown hunting shirts, but I decided to do them in the latter Continental army regulation uniform of blue coats with red turnbacks. I painted them to look somewhat like the painting from H. Charles McBarron 1st Marylanders at Guilford Courthouse which I've long admired, but took some liberties. What I like about the painting other then the drama is how it shows even this well equipped regular army unit isn't perfectly uniformed and is how I picture American units to look and not surprisingly is how I model and paint them. It was fun to paint the unit, but time consuming with the color changes all the straps which I find difficult.

The figures are a mix of Perry and Foundry(early Perry) and the awesome flag is from GMB designs. A little on the flag in that to my knowledge nobody knows exactly what flag the 1st Maryland carried so I had the freedom to pick and choose what I wanted. Since GMB does two conjectural flags for the 2nd Maryland and I only use one flag for my American units I decided to give one to the 1st Maryland and the second I'll give to the 2nd Maryland. Since I really like the flag I was very happy to have the choice! 

More units coming soon(ish)!

Thanks for viewing!:-)
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