Sunday, July 3, 2011

I think El Cid with Charlton Heston was a fantastic film full of great characters and superb cinematography and costumes. Heston gave a great performance and Sofia Loren is lovely on the eyes. It's loaded with a lot of inaccuracies I won't bother to get into, but what it does is inspire and this in my opinion overrides any of this.
As I mentioned after finishing my ACW regiment that I had needed to start working back on my El Cid project as I have an WAB tournament "Argentoratum" I'll be attending in France in September. Because of this, expect this project to dominate my unit posts until then.
Currently I'm 70% finished with my latest regiment, but since I'm generally not a fan of putting out WIP's you'll need to wait until I'm finished before I post. Of course this does put space between unit posts, but I like posting finished units and not half completed ones I've discovered. However, I don't mind following other blogs that include or don't include WIP's.:-)
Thank you for your patience and I'll post the unit as soon as I can.