Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Finally was able to finish this unit as the deadline of mid September is getting closer. It's been hard to keep on track as I keep wanting to drift back into my ACW and start my Arabs for Impetus, but I'm trying to keep focused as time is getting short!
This is a unit of Jinetes who were arguably some of the best light cavalry in Europe during their time in history.
Since the nobles tended to join units of Caballeros I tried to place an emphasis on their status as less wealthy common men who either through preference or lack of monetary means served in the Jinetes. For this reason I left off adding flowing garments that were not modelled on and kept the shields plain and mostly unadorned. Like the rest of the army I kept a Moorish and Christian mix with them.
Even with the faster style I've found it's still difficult to paint cavalry in large amounts, but hey, only 3 more units to go.........gulp!
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