Monday, January 9, 2012

"What Was I thinking!" and blog changes

Have you ever started to base an army and then realize after a few units you really did the wrong thing?  Well that's happened to me now with my ACW in 28mm. Let me explain.
The first historical wargame I ever played was Fire and Fury back in the very early 90's and I just loved it and therefore collected a very large 15mm Old Glory army for both the North and South and have enjoyed many games with it over the years. To this day Fire and Fury remains one of my favourite games.
Well the past year I started collecting ACW for 28mm and even though I thought the new Fire and Fury Regimental game was fantastic I figured the figure count was still too high for 28mm as I wanted 4 figures a base as it's more visually appealing and is ideal for Guns at Gettysburg and Black Powder rules.
It's after I finished a few Union regiments and started on my Confederates I realized what was I thinking!!!!  To build ACW armies that excluded my favourite rules for this period  that being Fire and Fury was a huge mistake! Simply put that won't do at all! I started to think how could I build my armies to be both practical and include all the rule sets I wanted to play?
My solution is 2 figures on a 40mm wide x 20mm deep base. This would allow me to play the large scale games of fury and fury where the stand count and flexibility needed is high and I will still be able to play Guns at Gettysburg and Black Powder by simply placing two stands together one behind the other . I do lose some of the visual appeal of course, but I feel it's worth it.
So it looks like I need to re-base my units, but luckily it's not too many.:-)   
The other subject was my blog which needed some things done. The first one was a new face lift which is obvious as I've gone with the very dark grey which I really like the contrast it gives to the pictures and the blog background itself and the second was a label restructure. My label list was getting a bit long in the tooth and crowded and so I decided to compact things into groups for easier viewing access. My only wish is that blogger would make a sub group within the labels where a viewer could go into a label and be given a list of sub groups within to access exactly want he/she wants to see. Maybe one day that will be possible and frankly I'm surprised it isn't available already.
Happy blogging and back to the painting table!