Monday, March 21, 2016

International Brigade Group 2 (SCW)

Adding a few more units to my long delayed Spanish Civil War project of 1936-39. This is some more International National Brigade reinforcements.

Painting the international Brigade is great fun as basically anything goes because they were issued with truly an eclectic assortment of equipment from all different nationalities some of which they brought with themselves from their respective countries or were issued by the Republican government. However, in spite of their militia look they were generally very highly motivated and some of the best troops the Republicans put into the field.

As a painter they are great as you can just go through all the different khakis and browns to your hearts content and not really be wrong! I pretty much had a field day with Vallejo paints mixing up combo's and trying things out. Ahh the freedom to do as you please.:-) Hopefully folks will like them as much as I had fun experimenting with the colors. The figures themselves are of course from Empress in 28mm scale.

I have plans to do more and almost have enough for Operation Squad which is my starting point gaming wise before building it up from bigger games like Bolt Action or Chain of Command. I haven't decided what Nationalists I'll do for the opposition, but I am leaning towards Carlists at the moment.

Thanks for viewing!
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