Friday, July 30, 2010

Fallschirmjäger test figure #3 in Sumpfmuster 43(Marsh Pattern)

This Fallschirmjäger is also wearing Sumpfmuster(Marsh Pattern)although of an earlier date(43').The pattern base is a bit lighter then the 44' version.Another interesting point is the Luftwaffe blue trousers which is a bone of contention and some controversy among historians.Many site that the Fallschirmjäger were never issued this type of trousers although others contend they were.I decided to include them as the Fallschirmjäger's regiments were at times filled out by other Luftwaffe ranks(either as support or processed and trained) that did include blue trousers and also of course the variety it offers in painting the platoon.
He is also wearing a camouflaged helmet cover in the splinter pattern as the marsh pattern was not produced or at least not issued for helmet covers.In addition he is wearing gaiters,but often these were removed for comfort.
This particular Jäger is carrying the much feared MG 42 that was a highly successful machine gun which was easy to transport due to it's relatively light weight in relation to it's size. When firing it had quite a distinct sound like a saw due to it's extreme rapid rate of fire at around 1200 to 1500 rounds a minute!This high rate of fire was both positive and negative in that on the positive side fire superiority could be achieved,but to maintain this was costly in terms of ammunition and over heating barrels.Many veteran gunners learned to control the bursts and were able to get the best results from this fearsome piece of equipment.
I need to do one more test figure and then I'll start painting them in groups of 3 or 4 which is a small amount,but I think best due to the complexity of painting these type of troops.(Complex for me at least)On to the next Jäger!:-)
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fallschirmjäger test figure #2 in Sumpfmuster 44(Marsh Pattern)

This is my second Fallschirmjäger figure,but this time in Sumpfmuster 44(Marsh/Water pattern) which tends to look more brownish then the Splinter pattern.Also,the camouflage pattern is more rounded and softer in apperance.Like I mentioned before I also wanted to try out the tropical pants to show a veteran of the Italian campaigns who hasn't had time,availibilty or the desire to get some fatigues in field grey just yet.I added more scratches to the painted metal and I hope it looks right.
I plan to mix up my entire platoon in various stages of fallschirmjäger dress from the period of the Italian campaigns up to Market garden.This is for several reasons in that I think it was quite likely they did appear mixed as from personal experience as an ex-soldier I know supply can be late in getting replacement uniforms and couple that with the soldiers desire to keep his best uniform in his duffel bag for inspections and his older stuff for field operations leads me to suspect I'm not far off the mark.....hopefully.
My second reason is versality in that I can use the platoon for campaigns in both Normandy and Italy.
Lastly and probably my biggest reason is I enjoy painting several types and mixing and matching them which in turn will of course have me searching for any excuse I can find to paint them how I want!:-)
My next test Fallschirmjäger I'll do in another marsh pattern,but an earlier version that has a lighter camo pattern then the one above.Once that is finished I think I'll have worked out my camoflage patterns for the platoon and therefore able to do more then one at a time.
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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fallschirmjäger test figure in Splittermuster(Splinter pattern)

This is my first WWII miniature in 28mm and these Artizan figures are a real joy to paint.The complicated camo scheme is a real challenge,but rewards the painter in the end if carefully done.To this end I hope I succeeded.
I've painted 15mm WWII Germans and I've discovered that different techniques are required then 28mm when painting this period.The 15mm Germans using the 2 to 3 tone layered technique works quite well,but at 28mm the difference is too strong and so a blending of tones is required.Because of this it does take a while to work your way through the colors to get the right mix.The trick is to keep the tones subdued,but at the same time noticeable,but not overly so as the troops are trying to blend in to their environment.
This Fallschirmjäger trooper is wearing a Luftwaffe splintermuster camo smock,Luftwaffe blue cap,breadbag,and standard German field grey trousers and painted helmet.I tried to add a little wear and tear to the helmet.
The next test figure I might add some tropical issue pants from a veteran of Italy yet to receive some replacement clothing and sumpfmuster(marsh/water) patterned smock.I'll see how it comes along.Fingers crossed.
Still working on my photography skills which is a weak point for myself.Individual pictures I'll keep with the white background,but when I do group shots I'll add some terrain to the background.
In addition to painting troops,I think I'll also give some period terrain a go with some ruins in mind and then of course some tanks in the future and,and,and................
The last two pics are duplicates that are a bit larger for those who may want a closer view.
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Storming Eagles

Soon I will be posting some German Fallschirmjäger(paratroopers) from Artizan designs in 28mm to battle a friends British paratroopers.I'm working on my first test model now.They will be used for the Disposable Heroes rule system initially.It's not a large project with just 30-50 models in total,but a difficult one with the camo scheme involved.As many WWII painters have pointed out that the splinter camo scheme is quite hard to do,but looks great if pulled off.
The background will be from the 6th Fallschirmjägerregiment of the 2nd Fallschirmjägerdivision during their actions in Normandy and Holland commanded by Oberstleutnant Freiherr von der Heydte.The regiment at it's core was formed of veterans from Crete,North Africa and Italy with the addition of Luftwaffe ground personnel in 1944 at Köln-Wahn.At this point they acted more in the role as elite light infantry then actual paratroopers,because of the heavy losses the Fallschirmjäger units and battalions sustained on a para drop campaign in Crete.However, they did keep the honorific title Fallschirmjäger to instill a sense of being part of an elite formation.
They saw action at Sainte Maris du Mont,Saint-Mere-Eglise,Carentan where they fought so hard their enemy nick named them "The lions of Carentan",battle of the bocage,The raid on St. Germain-sur-Seves,Operation Lüttich,and finally Market Garden in Holland.
The Fallschirmjäger in this time frame is very nice for painters as it offers a chance to change up the uniform.Many of the veterans were still wearing the plain olive green jump smocks in addition to the splinter and marsh camo smocks with luftwaffe blue trossers becoming more common in addition to the field gray.The bluse could found in field gray and luftwaffe blue with the the new recruits wearing more of the luftwaffe blue respectively.As a result, the appearance of the troopers will be quite mixed for reasons given above.
I've never painted Fallschirmjäger before,so my fingers are crossed they will turn out and I won't have pulled any hair out in frustration.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A quick pic of the Trojan Army

This is the completed army I used at the TTU gaming weekend.It was led by King Diometores and his son Hectores(not very orginal I know) where they fought for the Assyrian allience.They defeated some Hittes and lost to Egyptians and in a large multi player game participated in a hard fought draw.I will post some pics of the battles they were in.
This army weighs in at 1600pts.(WAB) that I will eventually make a bit larger with a spearmen and chariot unit modeled after the princes more colorful and modern equipment,but that will be sometime in the future.For now the army is finished and I'll move on to some of my other projects to be decided soon(AWI,Assyrians,ECW,Pulp,Fallschirmäger to name a few).I hope some of you enjoyed the Trojans.Like I said,I'll post some of the games.Cheers!
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Trojan Spearmen

This is my second unit of Trojan spearmen with the shields hand painted and the rest done with army painter and quick highlights added like the other Trojans.I just barely finished these in time for TTU and so I had no time to post them until now.I'll post the entire army shortly and pics of the army in action a bit later.
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