Monday, September 23, 2013

Some more Regimental Fire and Fury

We have been playing some more Regimental Fire and Fury in 28mm and having a great time. Our group is happy with using 2 figures per base and using the 15mm range and movement charts. I really prefer this version over the Brigade version although I really like that too!

If I remember correctly we had about 9 Union regiments plus a couple guns vs 8 Confederate regiments and a couple guns. Due to time constraints we decided whoever controlled the crossroads or broke the other side when we called the game would be the winner. As it turned out the Confederates controlled the crossroads, but the Union had inflicted more casualties and so looked to be stronger. I think we decided it was a minor victory for the confederates due to nightfall.

The future looks very good for 28mm ACW for our group as we now have a good starting point in terms of figures to game with. Now it's simply a matter of adding regiments to increase scenario sizes. I'm very pleased because I think getting things up to a playable level is the hardest part of doing a period and once you have achieved this it's all gravy from there.

Sorry about the quality and lack of pictures, but I didn't steady my hand and forgot to take more as I was pretty wrapped up in the game.