Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mean Green Machine

I just finished painting up these Orcs for a friend of mine at the club for those curious to see what I've been up to. It's part of some of the miniatures I sold to him of my painted stuff and the rest is going on e-bay as I already have too many fantasy armies(6 still) and decided I wanted to reduce the armies to a more manageable amount and get a few coins for my hobby room renovation.
The first one is a Orc Warboss on the classic Wyvern which I think is much better model then the new one. The second one is a Orc Boar Boyz unit.Both were painted up to table top standards and my friend was happy with the result which is what counts.
A note on Fantasy battle 8th edition in that I think it's the best version since the 3rd edition.The 3rd edition was great because it was still geared primarily for adults with army composition needing to be built up requiring work on the part of the player, but allowed lots of flexibility.Any ways, back to the 8th edition. After the 7th edition I was fed up and ready to throw in the towel as I was weary of the character,magic and skirmish dominated tactics.The 8th edition now places the emphasis on units and blocks of troops with magic still being deadly,but manageable and even allows players a decent chance to win with no mages which was very unlikely in the old system unless you were Dwarf player which is self explanatory.Close combat also is much more fun with both players now getting a chance to get their punches in with a real feel for massed combat( I like to roll dice which helps too! ). But, the true strength of the 8th edition is game flow with just runs very smooth.It has it's broken parts still of course namely war machines being too strong and terrain being over simplified, but the positive IMHO out weighs the negative.
Now they just need to update the army books to work within the new system as some armies are very powerful and others hurting. Hopefully,they support this version with proper army books and not screw them up.Also, wasn't smart of GW  in letting Rick go, but now he's free for historical games which is even better! While I do like the new 8th edition WHFB, I still prefer historical wargaming if given a choice. 
Ohh, another thing in that I'm happy I already own the armies I need and so won't have to worry about buying anything from GW( shudders at the price which is still ludicrously high ) and since I don't play tournaments if I do want model or two I'll buy something similar from another company.
Ahh, now I can get back to painting my planned projects, but I might do some of my personal fantasy stuff if the mood takes me here and there.
Impetus fantasy also looks interesting, but that's only food for thought with no plans yet for it, never knows. :-)
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