Thursday, January 24, 2019

US Airborne collection reinforcements

1 Squad Leader, 1 BAR,  2x Paras w/ Thompson smg
Adding some more Airborne reinforcements to my already existing collection. I've noticed through gaming I just didn't have enough Airborne troops so decided to paint up some more. I've been playing quite a bit of CoC and more squad options tend to be the most popular choice so these are needed.

6x Paras with M1 Garands
In terms of WWII I've always been drawn to the Airborne assets of all sides to US Para's, German Fallschirmjäger and just about any nationality that fielded troops of this type. I suppose it's a combination of uniform, Esprit de Corps and typically tough as old boots in a fight.

1x Bazooka  w/2 crew, 1x medic, and 1x LMG w/2 crew

I painted these using mostly with Vallejo paints and some Foundry and AP adding additional highlights plus some MIG pigments on the bases.

The figures themselves are from Artizan Designs and because of some exaggerations they pack a lot of character and are very painter friendly. They are really great models to work with just the right amount detail to suggest who and what they are, but not so much you get lost in it.

I have some more on they way....

Thanks for viewing!
Miniature Company- Artizan Designs