Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bunker Hill

This is some militia I used of mine for an advert of Bunker Hill.A couple friends and myself plan on hosting a demo game of Bunker Hill for a large event here called TACTICA.The Standard was intended for another militia company I'm doing that was inspired by the troops at Bunker Hill and that explains the difference in color from the actual.It is amusing that we actually are going to do Bunker Hill and now the standard I put on the unit will be very appropriate if not completely accurate.
Miniature Company:Perry and Wargames Foundry.


After going through my blog,I noticed some of my close ups were too close and this distorted the actual image of the pictures.With this in mind I made some adjustments and did some resizing.Now my pictures should all be in the proper perspective for viewing.If you have any suggestions or opinions,then please let me know.