Thursday, January 28, 2010

The painting lair

I told BIGREDBAT I would post a picture of my painting closet.As you can see,it's a complete disaster area and pretty much always is.

I have a hobby room in my basement where my models are on shelves along with terrain,building material and my tables.
The painting closet came about because my wife said if we don't have a painting area in the living room,then she won't see me anymore!This master stroke was her idea and it's great!It has shelves for reference material,built in daylight lamp and an extra lamp,paints,small supplies and some models not yet built.I can paint and glance at the the TV when something catches my interest or just listen as well.
The real great thing about it is the doors as I can start and stop my painting as I wish and simply close the doors hiding my mess which keeps my wife happy and my little daughter out.

P.S.I quit smoking about 3 1/2 years ago,but the cans come in very handy.The one in the picture actually holds basing grass!:-)