Monday, May 18, 2015


These are from the Perry plastic confederate box set that I picked up last year and started, but just got around to adding the highlights a couple weeks ago. These are done with ap then with highlights added. I have the other half of the box mostly finished which I'll post up at a latter point.

As far as the figures go they are very nicely sculpted with very good detail and probably the best plastics Perry have done. My complaints are the usual with plastics in that I hate the assembly process, plus some positions are a bit stiff and they are just too light in heft so I doubt I'll ever collect a lot, but I do like trying a few out here and there.

The basing I used is my experimental 2 figures on a 40 x 20mm base which is useful for RFF to get the base count up, but kind of a pain as they don't sit even and I have to pick up too many pieces when moving them around. Since I've decided to move my RFF games back down to 15mm as the scenario's are too large for 28mm I'll start basing my 28mm ACW back on a more manageable 40 x 40mm base for games of Longstreet, GaG, FoB2 etc. Speaking of Longstreet I had a chance to play the game and I think it's just fantastic! Longstreet isn't another grand tactical game which I'm grateful for as I already have systems I like for that, but rather a game set in the ACW period that tells a story while wargaming at the same time. Quite similar to Maurice, but with differences to keep it in period. If you like Maurice which I do very much then you will like Longstreet. Oh, when playing Longstreet I highly recommend playing the campaign as that is where these rules really shine. While it plays at any scale I think it's ideal for 28mm and is where I'll focus my 28mm ACW collection on.

As for painting I've been getting things done and now have a backlog of things to post up which I'll try and get up to date on.

Thanks for viewing!
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