Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fallschirmjäger test figure in Splittermuster(Splinter pattern)

This is my first WWII miniature in 28mm and these Artizan figures are a real joy to paint.The complicated camo scheme is a real challenge,but rewards the painter in the end if carefully done.To this end I hope I succeeded.
I've painted 15mm WWII Germans and I've discovered that different techniques are required then 28mm when painting this period.The 15mm Germans using the 2 to 3 tone layered technique works quite well,but at 28mm the difference is too strong and so a blending of tones is required.Because of this it does take a while to work your way through the colors to get the right mix.The trick is to keep the tones subdued,but at the same time noticeable,but not overly so as the troops are trying to blend in to their environment.
This Fallschirmjäger trooper is wearing a Luftwaffe splintermuster camo smock,Luftwaffe blue cap,breadbag,and standard German field grey trousers and painted helmet.I tried to add a little wear and tear to the helmet.
The next test figure I might add some tropical issue pants from a veteran of Italy yet to receive some replacement clothing and sumpfmuster(marsh/water) patterned smock.I'll see how it comes along.Fingers crossed.
Still working on my photography skills which is a weak point for myself.Individual pictures I'll keep with the white background,but when I do group shots I'll add some terrain to the background.
In addition to painting troops,I think I'll also give some period terrain a go with some ruins in mind and then of course some tanks in the future and,and,and................
The last two pics are duplicates that are a bit larger for those who may want a closer view.
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