Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Isenhart "The Peacemaker"

A noble and one of Hamarolf's chief retainers. He is aged 34 and like Hamarolf and Nothhelm comes from humble beginnings as the son a village peasant.

His rise to a noble has much to do with his winning smile as well as his ability in arms. He is known to be a lustful man who has no issues in taking other men's wives to bed with him and if it wasn't for his ability as a smooth talker and handy with a blade would have long since seen him pushing up daises.

In spite of Isenhart's short comings Hamarolf has taken him under his confidence for his natural ability to negotiate tight situations when needed like getting garrison's to agreeing to surrender without a fight or if faced with a stronger advaesery to talk them down or even establish favourable trade agreements. Hamarolf is no fool and keeps a watchful eye on Isenhart, but as long as he keeps in line Hamarolf has seen no reason to let this valuable asset go.

The figure is again a lovely Musketeer miniature that is normally Hengist or Horsa that I use as one of my nobles re-named Isenhart "The Peacemaker".

I added a campaign history page on the top of the blog for those interested. Nick and I also had a couple more great games I'll post up when I have time.

I almost passed out when it seems my blog disappeared, but thankfully my wife was able to recall it back somehow! Thank heavens she is a computer wiz as I'm just the opposite that being a computer idiot.

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