Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Saxon Duguth Warriors #3 and slingers

Continuing on with my Dux B. project and my third unit of Duguth warriors. I added a standard to this unit even though in Dux B. they mean nothing and confer no benefits, but I like standards in my armies as I think they add some flair to it. Once again the figures are from the super Musketeer miniatures line and the shields and Banner are the great LBM transfers with some Foundry ones mixed in. Weathering is once again from my go to MIG pigments for these effects.

Hamarolf acquired some more followers in the form of some slingers. I used some nice Crusader El Cid ones as I think they are close enough to Saxon to pass the muster. Like my entire army I placed them easy to use movement trays which speeds up play and I think makes them look a bit more attractive.

Next up are the tough guys in the form of Gedriht warriors which are a mix of professional warriors, personal family and household guard so stay tuned!

Thanks for viewing!:-)
Minature Companies-Musketeer, Crusader