Thursday, May 16, 2013

AWI Early American Contentials(10mm trail run)

Just finished and based my first regiment in 10mm as an experiment. Why some may ask and the answer is the common one in that it's darn cheap and I want to have some armies finished quick to try some rules out. While 28mm is my favourite scale and likely always will be, I wanted a second scale on the side to get a few armies done as it takes a long time in 28mm.  I find 15mm is faster then 28mm naturally, but it just isn't enough faster leaving me the feeling of I just wasted time better spent on 28mm. So, I'm now trying some 10mm in the hopes that it's considerably faster.

The sculpts are from Pendraken and are quite nice for the size as they really show a lot of detail for so small a figure and are priced great at 30 figures for around 4.70€. Ideal for building large armies or multiple armies. The detail is raised so are in fact easier to paint then 15mm in some ways. The flag is also Pendraken, but I re-painted it to add some more colour depth. I'm pretty happy with how they look and a whole army would be nice to have. Ok, that's the good part.

Here comes the negative. My eyes are getting old and so even with glasses the little buggers are hard to see causing me to miss parts of the model and having to go back. Also it's easy to slip with the brush and paint areas you don't want to. I know I could get an optivisor, but I don't like things on my head when painting or doing anything for that matter, but I may likely need one if I paint more 10mm. While they did paint faster then 15mm and of course 28mm it still required significantly more time then I had hoped. My whole purpose for 10mm was cheap and time efficiency. While it checks the box in cost it falls short of my expectations in speed.

I need to rest and regroup and try again latter which I will for sure. For now it's back to my beloved 28mm for the moment.

Thanks for viewing!:-)
Miniature Company-Pendraken