Saturday, September 26, 2009

Norman Heavy Infantry

Here are some more Normans using the blackshade method.These are some heavy infantry with the better armored to the front.The shields are more plain and not as fancy as the knights to reflect their less esteemed status.I'm getting somewhere now with this army and I'm close to having a complete FOG/DBMM force. Next up some bowmen and crossbowmen,and eventually a camp and then I will have a standard force I can add to from time to time.
Miniature Company:Old Glory 15's


  1. Beautiful stuff. I saw them on the Steve Dean forum, but had to leave my pc so often because of work, so I forgot to comment. I like the effect of this style a bit more every time I look at your pictures.

    I should mention that I also like the way you've set up your photos. I wish I had a nice table like that. Heck, any table would have been nice. Damn my storage space-less apartment.

  2. Thank you,I appreciate it.Where did you see my stuff on the Steve Dean Forum as I haven't posted there yet I think.Could you give me a link to the page where it is please.

  3. Sorry... I meant the Sweetwater one! :) My mistake.

  4. Very nice unit. I do like the dark effect you've achieved for these - suits the figures and the historical period very well.

    15's also great en masse on the tabletop - a few of us at the local club are thinking of dusting off our 15mm armies and rebasing them for Warmaster Ancients.

    What rules do you use?


  5. Thank you.:-)
    These were made for DBA/DBMM ruleset,but I also use them for Fields of Glory(FOG).
    Warmaster Ancients is 10mm and really works best for that size.If you want to do 15mm then I'd use the examples I gave above.




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