Sunday, January 9, 2011

Miss Kitty Zombie Survivor

 As I mentioned at the club we have caught the zombie fever and are itching to sink our teeth(pun intended) into the genre.A combination of films,games and Hasselfree miniatures hooked me.Everyone in the group will collect a few survivors and some zombies to start.After we have a few painted up we will move on to doing terrain.We will start off with some free rules and maybe pick up some commercial ones.
This is the first of my Zombie Survivors Miss Kitty who looks pretty harmless....that is except for the twin  9mm's in each hand!My impression of Hasselfree miniatures up close is.........fantastic!!!!They are true 25mm and therefore on the small side.When holding them one sees they are very finely sculpted and delicate miniatures with superb detail and very clean.
I'm not that experienced in painting female figures as I'm a newcomer to pulp/horror genre with most of my experience in historical or warrior/monster fantasy, and so I really hope I did this figure some justice.I really enjoyed painting her and will do some more females in the future for sure hopefully improving as I go along as I really need more practice.By this I mean painting male skin and female skin is very different as the transition in tones on females needs to be more smooth or she will look too harsh and buffed out which wasn't what I wanted for her and probably most other female miniatures.
More post apocalyptic zombie stuff to follow  along with some soon to see El Cid,AWI and Chaos in Cairo.
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