Sunday, September 4, 2011

Caballeros Hidalgos on the charge

This is my latest instalment of Caballeros Hidalgos for my El Cid army with some more of the noble sons of Spain now pictured here on a full tilt charge led by an inspirational cantador featured on the black stallion with a small guitar strapped to his back.
A cantador was a form of bard that would sing stories of knightly adventures and virtues which was to help inspire the knights to exert themselves to feats of valour.......and sometimes it worked and sometimes not.
Again the models are done with AP with extra highlights added except shields and banner which are completely hand painted from start to finish.
Just one more unit of Caballeros to go and that will complete the army for the event. I'm struggling to get it done, but I think I'll make it.
In 2 weeks I get to start back on my ACW! Today is my birthday I enjoying looking at my new mini's and to try out the Foundry ACW new paint range I got!
Thank you for viewing!:-)
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