Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Vikings #1

I've been in the process of re-basing and touching up my large Viking collection for use in Impetus and SAGA. I've been a long time Viking player and so was delighted when SAGA hit the scene. The Vikings were my primary army for WAB and are without question the most played army I've ever owned for ancients/mediaevals. I've always liked their beards and axes aspect and their ferocious aggression in using them. Heck, even Cornwell had to make his Saxon hero an ex- Viking!:-) Oh btw, if you ever wanted to know where Axebreaker came from look at the Viking in the front holding a broken two handed axe in front of him. I imagined him hitting so hard he broke axes hence the nick name "Axebreaker" and he was the general of my Viking army.
My Viking collection is all based on single square 20mm bases which is ideal for WAB, but not good for me in regards to SAGA or Impetus the rules I now currently play. Of course I could use them on the square bases for SAGA, but I simply do not like square bases for skirmish gaming as it just looks clumsy. So, I've decided to put them on round 25mm bases for SAGA and use warbases multi- slot bases for Impetus.

There were also some other issues as I wanted to lighten up the bases, add tufts, flowers and rocks etc. I also needed to touch up the figures here and there by re-applying some highlights and repainting  a few things to suit my current tastes. Also, I used to have metal shield rims that I no longer like and re-painted them with leather rims which was more common and looks better I think. I also added some pigments to the shields and bottom of the cloaks. The figures themselves are Wargames Foundry and still after all these years rank IMHO as the best Vikings out there with the exception of Bill from Musketeer whose Jomsvikings are brillent. The flag in this case is hand painted by myself as I wanted a huge raven banner with just a single raven on it as nothing quite says Vikings as a good old raven banner. Plenty more re-worked Vikings will be coming along so please stay tuned if you like them.

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Thanks for viewing!:-)
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