Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Ramshackle Barn and Patrol Markers

My first entry into the challenge this season and putting a few points up. Although I'm not likely to ever have much it's a start! It's also my first post of the new year so once again Happy New Year everyone! Every since I saw this from Renedra Terrain I knew I had to have it. I would say it's probably the best terrain piece they have made. It has excellent character and just checks the boxes for me.

While it fits perfectly for AWI and ACW it's useful for other periods and could be used as early as the French and Indian War right on up to modern times. The composition of the design is excellent and in fact I may get another one and modify it a bit so it's different.

I enjoyed painting the barn very much as you can really "go to town" so to speak on creating effects on old wood. I wanted the barn to look old and dirty with mold and moss beginning to take over. I used mostly craft paints and MIG pigments to get the effects I was after.

The Barn is 28mm in scale and comes in a plastic multi-kit that is very easy to assemble although I recommend using a plastic glue which will glue the pieces together quicker imho.

Next up below are some patrol markers for my American troops to be used for Chain of Command which imho is the best platoon level WWII game ever made or better yet flat out best WWII game period.

The markers were made from bits from the Rubicon Allied Stowage Set 1 and are quite nice! I plan on getting a hold of the German set to make some markers for my Germans as well. They are 28mm or 1/56 scale and I painted them with Vallejo paints and some MIG pigments.

Thanks for viewing!:-)
Miniature Company- Renedra, Rubicon