Monday, December 12, 2016

Lee's Legion foot

I felt the urge to return to one of my very long standing projects that being AWI. For me there was never a question if I would tackle Lee's Legion foot, but rather how I would go about doing it. The question was the uniform and from what I've read of information available so far it's a bit vague so I felt that I had some liberty to do as I please.... well to be honest I often take liberties to do as I feel in regards to this period.

I've seen folks do a green coated uniform version which looks quite nice, but is a bit to close to Tarleton's foot and so I don't want any mix ups in the future. Another version is the purple uniform(likely a fade in the uniform) that Don Troiani depicted which also has seen many gamers choose and while I find it very interesting it really just stands out a bit too much for my collection. Since I really do enjoy the cavalry in cream/buff version I decided I would do the foot in exactly the same uniform.

When painting American infantry I typically mix the uniforms for two reasons in that I feel supply was more difficult and the second it adds to the impression of  the citizen soldier. However, with Lee's Legion Foot I decided they would be uniformly equipped to emphasize their elite status and give them symmetry with the Legion horse.

They were trained as light infantry and were capable of fighting in ranks, loose order or in full skirmish. Most depict the unit in loose order or skirmish, but I decided for closed ranks as it fits my collection better. When fighting in skirmish I'll simply space the bases apart.

As always I have plans to do more AWI as there is still plenty I need to do!

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