Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Aztec Eagle Knight Captain

With the advent of a painting competition on single character/leader models for WAB I decided to do an Aztec Eagle Knight Captain,because I plan on doing an Aztec army in the future.
The model is from Wargames Foundry excellent Aztec range(the best I believe).It's a converted Eagle knight with some feathers added to the shield and a back banner brace modeled on to hold the banner.This is done to distinguish him from the other warriors as a captain and leader.
This project is a personal one (building the army)and therefore no rush.This means I'll put my best foot forward with these guys.All my models are personal of course because they are just for me,but what I mean is I'm doing this army to high standard and without a goal of playing it unless an opportunity presents itself.(similar to my AWI material)
These Aztecs from Foundry are simply awesome and are without a doubt in the top 3 in terms of quality sculpts coming out of Foundry and are an absolute painters dream.
It's quite a lot of fun stepping out of the box and exploring colors not often used and I'm looking forward to further experiments with the range.:-)
Miniature Company-Wargames Foundry