Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Warner's Extra-Continental Regiment "Green Mountain Boys"

After seeing Giles Alison's superb version of the green mountain boys here many moons ago I knew that I had to do my own version.When painting for the horse and musket period I particularly like green so this regiment comes as no surprise in hitting my painting desk. I've had this regiment finished for months, but just recently got around to posting it.

To give a very brief background.The Green Mountain boys first came into existence as a militia organization in the 1760's in what was the New Hamshire Grants later the state of Vermont acting as a deterrent to New Yorks attempts to control the territory.
On  May 10,1775 under Ethan Allen they famously captured Fort Ticonderoga on Lake Champlain with a couple hundred men and mounted additional incursions into Canada. These actions helped the Continental Congress to recognize and support them as an official regiment under the title The Green Mountain Continental Rangers commanded by Seth Warner.
In 1777 Seth Warner went on to lead them in notable battles like Hubbardton and Bennington until they disbanded in 1779(other sources say 1781).

Like Giles I painted my troops in various shades of green, but couldn't bring myself to try the  pistachio color and stayed with medium colored greens with nothing to dark or light. I mixed up the uniforms a little bit as I like to do that with my American regulars albeit not as much as my militia so they are still easy to tell the difference.

I purchased a new photobox recently and wanted to try out a black background. At first I used lighting inside and the black went gray so finally I just turned all the lighting off using only the light that was coming in naturally from outside the box and adjusted the shutter speed and white light on my camera and presto it worked! The inside of the box has a shiny silver surface so I think it attracts just enough light from the outside allowing your camera to reduce the shine on the black to utter black without dimming your figures. I'm guessing cause I don't know other then the fact that I made it work! You see folks I'm not the sharpest piece when it comes to technical things like camera's and computers so I usually stumble around till I get what I want. Now am I perfectly satisfied with how things came out....well no, but I rarely am when it comes to my own photography however I am pleased in how it turned out which is enough for now. The first pic at the head is to see the unit "live" so to speak and the black background ones allow for a closer look without distractions.

The figures are all Perry to include their own brand and the ones they did for Wargames Foundry. The flag is GMB designs. They were painted using mostly Foundry paints, some Vallejo and the ground work was my usual mix with some MIG pigments for dust effects.

Thanks for viewing!
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