Monday, May 6, 2013

Spanish Skirmishers

Slingers  above

I finished these a few days ago, but I haven't had time to publish them. They are some Spanish skirmishers for my El Cid Impetus army. I painted them in slightly less flashy colours(mostly browns and creams) to represent their lower peasant status.

I just recently had a game with Sir Toby vs his lovely Andalusians, but sadly my pictures came out so badly they truly are not worth publishing and I'm really quite disappointed about that! I hope his had more success when he finds time to publish his. The event in Ulm was great and I really enjoyed putting on the Impetus demo with Sir Toby! We plan to do another one in the future together, but we are not sure what just yet and so want to give some time to think it over first.

Now that the game day has passed and I'm free to paint other projects again and I find there is so much I want to do! I'll just have to figure out what, but I'm pretty excited and eager. I will return to my El Cid army, but for now on to other things!

Thanks for viewing!:-)
Miniature Company- Artizan, Crusader, Gripping Beast


Javelin #1

Javelin #2