Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Apcheronski Regiment

The unit that stands before you is the Apcheronski Regiment which for many Russian Seven Years fans is a must do unit as they have a very distinctive trade mark. The gaiters on Russian regiments is normally white or black, but the Apcheronski Regiment fought so hard at the battle of Kunersdorf they were said to have stood "knee deep in blood" and so are allowed to wear red gaiters as a reward. The red I used for the gaiters was more of a dried blood(maroon) which I also did for the red leather parts.

My friend Mike at Dreispitz is a big fan of the Seven Years War and drew me into the period. I started off with the French as they were a good choice for getting us started, but I always had my eye on the Russians. I just really like the Green and Red combo and after doing this unit I have decided they will be my main army for the Seven Years War and leave the French and Austrians to Mike. We both will do Prussians as you really cannot game the SYW without them and so they will need to be done at some point! 

The figures are from Wargames Foundry with a mix of older and newer versions. I prefer the older range to the newer one, but will happily mix the two. It's a good thing Wargames Foundry has made changes in management and brought back their older ranges which are brilliant coupled with the new pricing and the old buy x and get x free deals has really put Foundry back in my good graces. Since their paints are my favorite coupled with what is now once again a huge amount of lovely figures to choose from at what are now at least affordable rates has put on smile on my face.
The unit was painted using mostly Foundry paints with some Vallejo. The standards are from GMB designs and are great as always.

Thanks for viewing!:-)
Miniature Company- Wargames Foundry 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pyrrhic Royal Guard Infantry Pike

Here is proof I've been working on something during my vacation of which it took almost the whole part of it to do! It's a new project I've loosely started with my friend Mike who is collecting the Roman opposition for my Pyrrhic army. So without further ado here is my first entry for the New Year.

This is my version of a Pyrrhic Royal Guard Infantry Pike formation. The idea came to me when going through the new Osprey Successor book and I saw the Royal Guard in Purple helms which I quite liked and decided I would do unit in a purple theme. The armour is fuchsia which is a mix of pink and purple and so goes with the helm and shield I think. I kept plums and such all white to give a nice contrast to the purple. Except for the clothes I kept them uniform in appearance as I feel it gives them a more elite feel. I should also add the front rankers are deliberately more elaborate as they had the best gear in every formation.

The figures are from Aventine which I personally believe are hands down among the best you can buy for this period. The shields are from the wonderful LBM and the bases are from Warbases. The unit is based for Impetus which in addition to the game I like both the look of the bases and that they give good protection to the figures as you primarily handle the base and not the figures. Also, I can use the units for Hail Caesar which is another game I quite like.

Miniature Company- Aventine Miniatures

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year and year in review plus project plans for 2013

"Battle of Wilson's Creek" - N.C. Wyeth

I suppose I could make a list of my success and failures of planed projects of 2012, but they would virtually all be incomplete as my ability to remain focused on any one project is almost impossible. I'm a mood painter and so I don't even know what I'm going to do from unit to unit let alone planning it out! Painting figures isn't my issue as I'm a fairly productive painter(not overly so, but steady), but rather remaining focused is my real problem. However, the positive thing is I almost always return to started projects. So, rather then list exactly I want to achieve for 2013 I'll instead list things I'd like to do in the coming year which I feel is better way of doing things for me.

Things already under way:

ACW 28mm- As the picture would say I for sure want to see more things happen here as it's my favourite period and so a few units painted and a game or two would be great!

SYW 28mm- I wasn't that interested in this period until I met my friend Mike who is a big fan of it and so I started painting some units for it. The period has grown on me and I'm actually enjoying it with plans to increase my French units and even start some Russians.

Pyrrhic Successors 28mm- I couldn't resist the figures from Aventine and so had to get some of these. At the moment it's a painters project that I hope will one day develop into an army.

WWII in both 28mm and 15mm- I already have a very good start on various American and German armies and so adding a few units here and there would give me more options on some and playable status on others.

FIW 28mm- Already started some Indians and plan on doing a few more along with some French.

SCW 28mm- This is painting project and so no pressure to finish anything, but just paint when I want to.

Samurai 28mm- For sure I want to add more to this, but I stumbled a bit as they are very difficult and so often need long breaks between units.

Spanish Reconquista 28mm- I have the cavalry finished for the Christians and so I'd like some infantry added and perhaps even start the Moors.

Ayyubbid Arabs 15mm- Over half is complete so adding a few more units would be nice.

AWI 28mm- I have quite a bit of militia for my Americans so adding some continentals and a small cavalry would be nice.

Montrose ECW 28mm- I for sure what to finish another unit or two as we are getting close to playing this.

Other Dark Ages 28mm/15mm- Mostly Vikings and Normans that I'd like to re-base and add a few units.

Terrain 28mm/15mm- As always need to finish more of this!

Other projects not started, but may see some paint are:

Naps 28mm and 15mm- Lots of choice here and something I've been thinking of doing for some time.

Romano British/Early Saxons 28mm- I like the period and Bills sculpts from Musketeer so this is something I will do for sure just not sure when.

Italian Wars 28mm- It's a very nice period and full of great colours I'd like to try out.

Rules I'll probably mostly be using- Black Powder, Pike and Shotte, Hail Caesar, Impetus, Operation Squad, maybe FOW(love/hate FOW rules)

I'd like to try: Muskets and Tomahawks, I ain't been shot Mum, Battlegroup Kursk, Give Maurice another try out.

That's about it until I remember something else. As you can see I always want to do far more then what is realistic, but that's just how I'm wired and no use fighting it I guess.

In addition to painting I'd like to attend a few more games conventions in 2013 to meet more gamers and put faces to names and meet old friends. I of course want to play more games with my friends which we managed to meet more in 2012 which was great and I hope we continue this in 2013!

HAPPY NEW YEAR and I wish everyone a wonderful and productive 2013!