Monday, May 26, 2014

Late Roman Heavy Infantry

Well finally got started on a long planned project with Nick  in the form of Western Late Romans primarily for Impetus, but also to be used for Dux Bellorum. We both are doing Late Romans and Germanic tribes together and plan on Romans vs Germanics and/or civil wars.

The Late Roman army I'm creating for this project is a mobile Roman field army(Comitatenses). I see them as very well equipped and supplied so my army will present itself somewhat uniformly in that each unit will have matching shields and colour bands and all units will have a cream tunic. However, they won't be perfectly equipped as that wasn't seen to often in this period so trousers colours and helmet shapes will have variety. I'll be building my heavy infantry units in sets of four consisting of 2 spear bases and 2 attached supporting archer units.

I want to try and finish this army in a reasonable time so I opted for AP with highlights and some lovely LBM transfers and dusted up the shields a bit with some MIG pigments. The figures are from Wargames Foundry and paint up nice and easy which is a bonus. They are of course on Impetus bases which I happen to really like btw! There are quite a few pics on this posts as I squeezed two posts into one but I wanted to show the units in their "blocks" so thanks for hanging in there.

In addition to more Romans I have some ACW on my desk as that's another project I'm doing with other group members of which two have blogs so stop by and check them out please with Sasha at and Mike at

Thanks for viewing!:-)
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