Thursday, January 12, 2012

4th Alabama Regiment

The 4th Alabama was part of Laws Brigade of Hoods Division during Gettysburg and like most of Hoods division saw heavy fighting.
The 4th was organized at Dalton, Georgia and then later mustered into service at Lynchburg Virgina and attached to Bee's brigade which went on to fight the First Battle of Bull Run where Bee gave Stonewall Jackson his famous name and actually took command briefly of the 4th after it's colonel was severely wounded before himself becoming mortally wounded. Soon after the battle the 4th was transferred to Laws brigade.
The 4th Alabama fought in virtually all the battles of the Army of Northern Virginia with a notable exception of Chancellorsville. They fought in the battles of First and second Manasas(Bull Run), Seven Pines, First Cold Harbor, Malvern Hill, Boonesboro, Sharpesburg(Antietam), Fredricksburg, Suffolk campaign, Gettysburg, Chickamauga, Knoxville, Wilderness, Spottslyvania, Hanover Junction, 2nd Cold Harbor, Siege of Petersburg,
The regiment surrendered 21 officers and 202 men out of a starting total of  1422 men at Appomattox Court House of which 240 died in battle, 100 of disease and 408 discharged or transferred.

Additional information:'salabamabrigade/lawalabrigade/regiments/al4th/

A Marker of the regiment at Gettysburg:

The miniatures themselves are Sash and Saber 25mm and are really nice and full of character which I really like.In fact I liked them so much I ordered a couple more regiments!
Unlike the Union I figured confederates would probably work quite well with AP so I painted them using it plus adding some extensive highlights.  I found after I added the AP it was difficult to tell which brown and greys I had used and so hopefully I didn't mess up! I'm pleased with the results, but still unsure. I'm going to try a regiment or something without AP as I'm really not saving any time adding all the additional highlights that I do. Also, I'd like to do a comparison of confederates with AP and those without to see if any time was saved and which looks better.

If you read my last post the next two photo's highlight what I meant by how I have re-based my ACW for Fire and Fury, but still flexible to be able to adapt for other systems.

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