Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jimmy "High Flying" Jameson(Chaos in Cairo Character)

Jimmy "High Flying" Jameson
Status-Party Sponsor
Date of Birth-1904
Current Date-1926

Jimmy is the son of George Jameson a very wealthy business man from an old aristocratic southern family from the state of South Carolina. Jimmy was expected to follow in the family business of running a very large peach plantation ,but of course Jimmy had other ideas.

Jimmy's passion in life has always been aviation since he was a kid right on up through his adolescent years and young adulthood. He hungrily devoured stories of the Wright Brothers ,WWI aces Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen(Red Baron) , William "Billy" Avery Bishop, and Edward "Eddie" Vernon Rickenbacker while all the while dreaming of one day flying himself.

Through his fathers pressure Jimmy headed of to Yale University at the age of 18 to receive his education. While there Jimmy tried to give it a proper go and even joined the men's rowing team where he excelled and to his surprise also discovered he liked to write a bit. He started writing short stories(about flying of course) and keeping a journal. He tried to pay attention to his studies, but he just couldn't stop thinking about flying and so left Yale at 20 to seek a flying school of some sort and began his dream of being an aviation pilot like his heroes of the air.
In no time he found a local "Barn storming" group (stunt pilots) where he proved to be an amazingly apt pupil and learned how fly in very short order. In fact he was so talented his teacher was heard to remark "I wish we had him in the war as life would have been a heck of a lot easier in our troop". Soon, Jimmy was an active member travelling with the group and putting on stunt shows, selling air plane rides and even doing some crop dusting to help out local farmers. Life was grand ...... until his father showed up and forced him to quit by insisting he return to Yale and finish his studies.

Jimmy returned to Yale feeling depressed ,but not seeing much choice. When he was 21 this all changed one Friday when reading a National Geographic in the Library on Egypt and it's new postal service. It seems they had an air postal service running and were looking for qualified flyers. This was just the break he needed!
Jimmy headed straight to the bank and withdrew a small fortune in savings that he was entitled too from birthright. This was all easily accomplished without problems due to him being of proper age .... ohh and a little thing about also having a note he forged of his fathers signature approving the withdrawal that is!

Jimmy was off to a life of adventure and Flying! He also read about tombs and artefacts being found and studied in Egypt which might prove interesting to do on his non flying days. Now aged 22 he promptly boarded the closest available liner and headed to Cairo.

Later, Jimmy did become a famous pilot, but that is another story, because for now his adventures in Egypt is our topic at hand.

A side note in that Jimmy will be the narrator in the adventures of the group when I begin them and will be done in Journal format from Jimmy's perspective as inspired by Jason on Geektactica.

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