Sunday, July 28, 2013

Gaming some more Maurice

The forces meet for battle

Man it's hot here! I'm finding it very hard to summon the energy to pick up a brush. Only thing I want to do is try and stay cool. Still, I have something to offer as couple of my friends came over last week end for some more Maurice gaming and as usual had a lot of fun!

We tried as much as possible to have an AWI feel to it, but cannot quite completely pull it off yet so some SYW Austrians played the role as Germans and SYW French played as AWI French. The Americans were as Americans and the British as British as normal. I also got the chance to blow some dust off some AWI buildings I had made a few years ago which was nice.

Mike took on the role of the British and being the good sport opted to play the attacker which is more difficult in Maurice with Franz taking the Americans with me lending a hand and running the game. Mike decided to try a cavalry flanking manoeuvre followed by a strong push up the centre. The cavalry was caught in the flank and wiped out so that didn't pan out. The infantry push was getting a bit hamstrung by terrain forcing a piecemeal attack that was getting a bloody nose. Sadly due to time constraints we couldn't finish the game and while Mike was getting the worst of it he still looked in good enough shape to have another try up the centre so a draw was declared.

Maurice is really an enjoyable game and one we have only really scratched the surface of as we are yet to design our own armies as we usually just dived the figures up we have then play.

Oh I also updated the blog a little by giving it a new header picture of my Iron Brigade I did awhile back. I also added some more pictures to the Iron Brigade post using a terrain background where I just had a white one before which can be viewed here.
Here are a few pics of the game:

Thanks for viewing!

The Americans and their French allies

Another shot of the American/French forces
The British and their German Allies

A solid block of red coats

Trampling the carefully cultivated wheat field
Whoever finds the biggest turnip wins!.

A mighty clash of forces!
Umm...sir I think we are outnumbered here!
Who called for back up?