Thursday, August 4, 2016

Impetus Sudanese/Berber Spearmen/Archers (15mm)

Well it looks like I missed the whole of July, but this was mainly do to catching a nasty summer flu which pretty much sapped all desire to hit the painting table except when I could summon the energy to paint for a little bit. I'm feeling better now, but even after 4 weeks it's still hanging around a little, but fortunately I'm doing much better and can now handle some painting sessions.

I took a look at my 15mm Ayyubid army and decided I wanted to expand it's roll to a more all purpose Arab army to use for several lists (Ayyubids, Fatamids, Rum etc.). For this to happen I need to add more infantry to the collection hence some spearman and archers which can be fielded as a combined units or stand alone.

As the rest of the army I went for a colorful look to help them stand out on the tabletop. The figures are from the wonderful Legio Heroica range and the banners are from LBM.

I intend to start on some Crusaders soon, but first I'd like add some more units to Arabs as a friend of mine already has a Crusader force so the Arabs need to be at 450pts to 500pts before I can make the shift. As a point of info I almost always collect both sides for a period so even if someone else has an opposition army I'll still collect for it in case they are unavailable when needed.

Lots of stuff I want to paint so not sure what's next. I'll just see where the brush takes me!

Thanks for viewing!:-)
Miniature Company- Legio Heroica