Monday, August 26, 2013

Saxon Duguth Warriors #1

Now that I've finished the characters for my Dux Britanniarum army it's on to the units themselves starting with some Duguth warriors which are standard warrior class for a Saxon army/raider force. I'll need three units of these before moving on to some skirmishers and elite household guard.

The figures are once again from the superb early Saxon Musketeer range and paint up very nicely.
The shields are a mix of re-painted Foundry transfers and some LBM transfers with some Mig pigments for dirt effect.

I've based them on 25mm metal washers that I then set into a 9 slot 2p movement tray from Warbases with magnets placed in the slots to help hold the figures. I choose 2p as this is slightly larger then 25mm and so allows for easy placement and removal without damaging the basing. I don't really care for the skirmish movement tray and prefer a standard one. The reason for a 9 slot movement tray is during the course of campaign a unit can be upgraded by two men and the last slot is if I wish to set a character, casualty or something else in the tray. When no figures are occupying a slot I then insert a blank terrain textured 2p piece in to keep the look of a fully textured base.

Oh, I had another fantastic game vs Nick's Romano British yesterday and I'll post some pictures of it  as soon as I can as I have a backlog.

Thanks for viewing!:-)
Miniature Company-Musketeer Miniatures

Blank 2p piece that's inserted when a figure is not in place.


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