Friday, October 7, 2011

Wainwright Battery #1 I Corps

I'm modelling my armies under the command structure at Gettysburg for both sides. This is my first artillery piece for the period and is a 3" rifled parrott gun.Information on each battery under General Wainwright at the time of Gettysburg is a bit sketchy except for perhaps Lt. Greenleaf T. Stevens and so I'll just number them battery #1, #2 etc. for ease.
Wainwright was commissioned a major in the 1st New York Artillery on October 17, 1861 and rose quickly through the ranks.
He was chief of artillery of I Corps at the Battle of Chancellorsville and Gettysburg where he helped repulse the Confederate attacks on Cemetery Hill and exchanged volleys with confederate artillery prior to Pickett's charge.
In 1864 he became chief of artillery of V Corps and also attained the rank of Brevet General which he held until the end of the war.
He was an author as well writing "A Diary of Battle: The Personal Journals of Colonel Charles S. Wainwright, 1861–1865" where he discussed his opinions on various generals he served under and experiences he had to include engagements and how to use artillery.
I was pretty keen to try out the new Foundry ACW paints, but didn't want to do a whole regiment before trying it out and so opted for an artillery piece as a test run. The Union Blue does come out authentically dark, but I'm undecided if it's perhaps too dark as I prefer a bit of a zing to my miniatures. The Union Blue Trousers came out great and so no need for a second thought on that. I'm looking forward to see if the confederate colors work out just as good. For the cannon body I tried Foundry's French Gun Olive Green and thought it too bright and so instead went with French Dragoon Green which I quite like.
Next up Iron Brigade!
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