Monday, July 6, 2015

Union Artillery (15mm)

It's been really hot lately plus a busy life has interfered with my posting and commenting, but I hope to get back on track now that all of this looks to improve. The good thing is I have plenty of units waiting for photo's and posting so at least that's not an issue.

Continuing on with my Union army in the form of some artillery which is a mix of guns from rifles to smooth bores of various calibres. The guys were fun to paint, but let's face it artillery pieces themselves are bit of a pain so I was happy when finished.

For those of you wondering where the rebels are they will be coming soon and in fact I already have several regiments finished, but I first want get the union forces I've completed up first before moving on to the confederates.

If anyone is curious where my 28mm material is gone then no need to worry as I'm working on that as well and have things to post, but first want to get through posting some of 15mm ACW material.

Also of note we have playing Piquet Field of Battle2 within our group to run our ACW/SYW games and it's been a smashing success! Even Nick who is a skirmish player by and large likes the rules and is even considering collecting Franco/Prussian war to fight with these rules. It's highly likely these will become our Horse and Musket/Black Powder standard rule set.

Thanks for viewing!
Miniature Company-Old Glory 15's