Monday, January 17, 2011

Caballeros Hidalgos(Spanish Noble Knights)

As I mentioned earlier I would be starting a Christian mercenary army for the El Cid/Reconquista period for WAB.See my notes under El Cid labels for more information on this army.This is my first unit of Caballeros Hidalgos(Noble Knights) who were the cream of the Christian armies consisting primarily,but not exclusively of the wealthy noble born.
Like I mentioned they have a very Moorish flair to them to represent their cultural make up and their various employers they fought for both Christian and Moors.
The General is naturally the grizzled veteran on the white charger.I decided to grey his hair and even add some white to represent the hardship of years of hard campaigning.The army standard is carrying the large Lion banner which represents the commanders personal heraldry.The other knights are his personal bodyguards and most loyal supporters.
The army is done using army painter,but with added highlights which costs significant  painting time,but is still faster then black lining and doing the eyes.However,I will add that the white charger,white bits on the horses,shields and banners were all painted normally.All shields and banners are hand painted and painted in a uniformed colour scheme as I wanted the army to look as if they are all part of the same force,but varied the designs to still retain their individuality.With the bases,shields and banners in uniformed colour I was able to paint the clothes in different colours without losing an army identity and still stay somewhat within period background.
I did some minor conversion work in helmet adjustments and adding more length to their garments to try and give more of Spanish knight feel to them.
Another choice common to Spanish for this period is a heavy red and yellow,but I preferred to go with a deep red and off white as I like the more mellow tone as I hope some of you do as well.
Also,I mixed up several companies for this army as I wanted the variety for this one.
Thank you for reading and viewing. :-)
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