Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Some Bolt Action US Para vs Fallschirmjager

Battlefield overview
 About two weeks ago Nick and Franz joined me for a game of Bolt Action2 at my house to give the new version another run through and it was a lot of fun. While I wouldn't call Bolt Action a simulation game it is fun to play and is ideal for pick up games. I suppose if we could play on a more regular basis we would take a closer look at Chain of Command as it looks like it's a superb system for campaign's, but Bolt Action works for us as it's easy to remember and play with our schedules.

Of course an American sniper was posted in the tower with mortar support in the courtyard.
FJ's advancing through a wooded section.
The only real complaint would probably be the snipers were made a bit too effective, but other then that the rules are pretty straightforward and the update to how aircraft are handled were particularly welcome as previously they were uber destructive. I also like the ability of leaders to command multiple squads depending on their rank which adds a whole new tactical layer to the game. Close combat is very decisive, bloody and quick and not something you generally you want to do unless you really need to or feel you will easily win.

FJ's moving through a field to close on the Americans holding the bridge.
Paras moving through the woods heading towards the bridge.
The game we played was "Hold until relieved" I think or something like that. Basically the Para's had to hold the bridge with a small contingent near the bridge and half their force coming on the first turn and the rest coming on in reserves with the Fallschirmjäger bringing everything on in the first turn. It was a slightly bigger battle then normal with about 2000 pts each side(we lifted armour restrictions to include 2 tanks instead of 1). We had to stop before the game finished, but it was pretty clear the Germans would have a tough time taking the bridge, but there was a slim chance so we called it a draw which technically gives it to US as they were last in control of the bridge. We do look forward to more games of BA and will even give it a try using SCW in addition to WWII gaming.

Nicks superbly painted Panzer IV and III under Franz's command holding the hill to support the German advance. However their excellent paint job didn't save them from a 76mm Sherman and Bazooka team!(He,he.he,he)
 The terrain and Para's were provided by myself and Nick got a chance to see his excellent newly made river, bridge, armour and Fallschirmjäger see some action. When playing WWII games I do like to include a lot of terrain to encourage troops to move around and not just hunker down and shoot. However, when you have elite troops fighting it does sometimes take a bit before casualties mount up so usually games will last for the full turns allotted.  

Fortress Para!

Another lovely vehicle by Nick, but this time a Greyhound which proved quite effective in the game.
I haven't posted for awhile as frankly I just haven't been painting much. This has a lot to do with trying to sort out which projects I want to continue painting in more labor intensive way and others were I want to get things done a bit more quickly using some of my faster methods. It also doesn't help that my back continues to give me problems which slows things down further.

FJ' vehicle approaching the bridge just prior to make a glorifying heroic charge across that left it a smoldering ruin in the end. Yes, once again another excellent addition of Nick's. I think your may be understanding who the gear head is in our group....:-) 

These para's holding the bridge pretty much had everything including the proverbial kitchen sink thrown at them and managed to hold on throughout the game albeit they probably dug holes big enough to park a tank in avoiding all the fire!
 Currently on the desk is some AWI and a mystery project to be reveled later either by units, groups or whole army which I haven't decided yet.:-)

Some FJ's who managed to bravely make it across the stream, but found it tough going on the other side once they did.

Thanks for viewing!