Monday, May 10, 2010

Frank Frazetta gone

My favourite fantasy illustrator of all time and a huge influence on my art work,model work and all things of the imagination has left us.He was the best bar none and will never be replaced.
I'm very sad as I lost my favourite historical illustrator Angus McBride a couple years back and now my favourite fantasy artist Frazetta.Double whammy.


Friday, May 7, 2010

A Northern Dawn

Here is a photo of some of my Danish Vikings formed into a shieldwall:I've had this army for many years and they remain dear to my heart.I wanted to give them a quick photo outing as I haven't updated them in awhile.
Vikings were and always will be my favorite army in history.Set sail the Longships!
Miniature Company-Wargames Foundry

Saturday, May 1, 2010

AWI will return!

I've been asked if my AWI material is complete and I'm without a doubt not done with my AWI project material. I just have/had to stop for a bit to finish some commitments to project work for events and my club:Also,the painting competition was something I promised to partake in as well.
My commitments left are:
Small band for Chaos in Cairo(priority)
Small band of Samurai that will eventually go larger
Fallschirmjäger platoon for DH

Personal Projects without commitments:
FOW Fallschirmjägerkompanie
FOW Luftwaffe Feldkompanie
numerous other ones

AWI material is basically for myself as I really don't have a player near me and is done in between other commitments,but I promise for those who follow this blog that enjoy that period more will be coming as I still have quite a bit to do in the future.:-)As a matter of fact I have a undercoated militia on my desk,but my priority projects must be completed first,so please bear with me and I appreciate everyone who has an interest in what I do.:-)