Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Impetus now avaliable on Digital + my plans

Impetus here my favourite Ancients/Medieval rule set will soon be released in Digital format by Wargames Vault for those looking for a more inexpensive way to try or own the rules. The rule set will be the original version so you will need to get any errata from the Impetus web site which is of course free.

I expect the period supplements will follow at some point, but in the time being there are lists included in the book to get you started. Impetus without doubt looks better then game out there with it's approach to diorama type basing which also has the added benefit of making transportation and casualty removal much easier. The game rewards good strategic play, but with a healthy dose of chance where the game can change around which keeps players on their toes and involved. Basically, if you play good your likely to win, but it's far from guaranteed. It also has a nice new forum to visit here and where your questions are pretty quickly answered often by the author himself and a blog here.

Some samples from my El Cid army based for Impetus that I did awhile back:

So, if you were ever curious about Impetus now is the time to check it out!

On to other issues.....I'm not an especially prolific poster but even for me lately things have been pretty slow around here for the past couple months with the heat and just a general lethargy that has set in. I'm having problems focusing on any one thing and just keep starting and stopping which in effect has left me with quite a few half painted units sitting on my desk.

One issue I'm having is scale for Ancient/Medieval periods. Ancient/Medieval gaming really benefits from having multiple armies to game to keep things interesting so this poses problems.  I just can't decide if I should focus on 15/18mm or 28mm.  15/18mm is far more practical in terms storage, gaming space and quicker to finish armies making variety much more possible, but I really prefer the look of 28mm armies and games plus it's frankly more fun to paint and easier to do as my eyes get older, but of course it takes a lot longer to finish armies reducing variety and needs more storage. It's been such a conundrum for me that I really have not done nearly as much as I would have liked by now as I'm always in a state of procrastination on it!

Fortunately, I don't have this issue with horse and musket armies (which are also nice in small scales btw,) but I have solidly decided on my preferred larger 28mm awhile back ( AWI/ACW/SYW )as variety is not quite as important and fighting the same opposition does not get boring due to the historical line up. I find with these periods once you have the core forces to have a game it's only a matter of adding units at your leisure to make bigger games which is just fine with 28mm.

Skirmish goes without saying in that 28mm is ideal scale for whatever period and is pretty self explanatory so doesn't present any issues with me.

Currently working on ACW, AWI, LR, Ayyubbids, SCW etc....................... oh well the life of a gamer I suppose....