Wednesday, June 15, 2011

104th New York "Wadsworth Guards" Infantry Regiment

This is the second half of the Perry plastic ACW box set with 2 Foundry miniatures added and two  wonderful GMB flags that I praised about earlier. It's been a bit since my last miniature post, but I admit I struggled to finish this regiment. The poses of these miniatures are just a bit too static and it doesn't help that I don't like the weight and feel of plastic miniatures either. They turned out decent enough, but I need more then that to keep me coming back to the painting table to finish. I won't be buying any more of these infantry box sets. I've also looked at the cavalry box and feel little enthusiasm and likely won't bother, but the horses do look good. However, that said the Zouave box does look quite good and I'll give that a go later even though it is still plastic.....

I might be turning my attention back to my El Cid project as the September dead line is drawing near and that needs to be completed. Any ways, back to the unit.

This regiment is the 104th New York "Wadsworth Guards" Infantry Regiment from the Army of the Potomac,I Corps,2nd Division of the I Brigade during the Gettysburg Campaign. The regiment was organized in Albany New York and was mustered in the service between the years September, 1861, and March, 1862 under Colonels John Rorbach,and Col. John J. Viele.

The regiment saw action at Cedar mountain, Rappahannock Station, Thoroughfare gap, Bull Run, and Little River turnpike,South mountain, Antietam,Fredericksburg,heavily engaged at Gettysburg, reserve at Chancellorsville,Mine Run campaign, Wilderness,Spottsylvania and Appomattox Court House.It was mustered of service on July 17, 1865, having lost during its term of service 5 officers and 85 enlisted men killed and mortally wounded; 2 officers and 145 enlisted men by disease and other causes, a total of 237.

You can read more on the regiment here and see a monument at Gettysburg here

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