Dux Britanniarum Campaign history 2nd Campaign

This page is created to help me keep track of Nick and myself 2nd campaign. We are starting our campaign in the year 474 AD in the Kingdom of Linnius.

Cast of Characters


Wolfric of  Iron-  Saxon Lord
Valamir the Victorious- Champion
Leofric the Blessed- Noble
Arnulf the Drunkard- Noble

Romano British

Tribunes Agricola "Flatulent"- Tribune
Derfel ap Gwynnedin- Champion
Aurelianus-Primus Legatus
Catolinus- Secundus Legatus

474 AD

March-Coastal farm near Arnsfar raided by the Saxons with the local garrison forced to flee. British Tribune Agricola given the unflattering nickname "Flatulent" for the route of his forces by Wolfric. More men join Wolfgar's warband(2)

April- Uncontested Raid

May- Uncontested Raid

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