Thursday, September 15, 2016

Gothic/Germanic Noble Cavalry

I'm back on the brushes! I'm beginning to shake off the summer drowsiness and get back to applying some paint to figures. Generally speaking September to March are my most productive hobby months and this looks to be no exception as I'm already working on my next piece.

All my Germanics so far are infantry which is fine for playing early Saxons, but I've always had the ambition to expand my collection to play Germanics as a whole(Saxons, Goths, Vandels etc,) and this unit is a step in that direction by adding cavalry which many Germanic armies had plenty of in this period. I'll be adding more cavalry to expand on the possibilities as well as more infantry.

The figures themselves are the fantastic Footsore miniatures(formerly Musketeer) which I'm a huge fan of as they are an absolute pleasure to paint and have lots of character. I really like the guy with the upraised shield and spear screaming his challenge to the enemy. The figure itself reminds me of an Angus McBride painting of a Celtic champion in the same pose. Perhaps this is where Bill got his inspiration for the sculpt?

I've mounted them on a multi base from warbases like my other Gemanics so I can use them for both Impetus and skirmish games. The shields and standard are from LBM with my usual Mig pigment dust up on the shields.

More Germanics to come and maybe some terrain if I get around to it. The last picture is a higher angle pic so you can see how they fit in the slots. I due rather like the oval shaped single bases better then square ones.

Thanks for viewing!
Miniature Company-Musketeer/Footsore miniatures