Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rolling up the Stick (DH's AAR)

Last Saturday a friend and myself played a game of Disposable Heroes.I must apologize for the bad pictures and not having more close ups which is my fault. Of course I also forgot to take more pictures after the game got started which is again my fault. Also, as you can see we need to work on our terrain some more as the road we have just isn't up to snuff and our buildings just to generic.
He played an elite German Grenadier platoon composed roughly of:

2 full rifle squads
Sdkfz 222
Mortar squad

vs my elite US Para platoon:

extra Machine gun team
2 full rifle squads

The scenario we played was titled "rolling up the stick" which is para drop scenario somewhere in Normandy. The scenario starts with the para's landing their team sections through a dice attempt for on target. Then the Germans enter on 3 board edges. The goal of the game is for the paras to reach a rally point and survive 6 turns, the Germans attempt to block this by capturing the rally point or wiping out the para's.
I won't describe each turn but give a few highlights.The para's managed to land 3 out 5 sections on target which was great, but after that things just went down hill for my valiant, but doomed para's as one of my sections landed off table causing half to be casualties. My bazooka never hit his sdkz 222 which in turn wiped out the depleted squad. I did manage to take out a few Germans, but more less my para's got shredded and pushed off the objective by the very determined Germans. Not a successful para drop in results, but no question a lot of fun in terms of a game!
My impression of Disposable is that it's easy to understand and flows very nice. We still need to work on the vehicle rules, but that shouldn't be to hard. I'm really looking forward to my next game and getting my para's back into action.

Some battlefield pics

One of my platoons that landed in a wheat field

My friend's Germans cowering...errr taking up position behind a wall that is

His German command moving to occupy the building

 Perfect landing

My para's holding the rally point..... temporarily