Monday, August 29, 2011


As some of you readers might know the American Civil War is my favourite period not only in land warfare, but navel as well. Basically I think Ironclads are just flat out cool! The steam powered engines combined with bolt on plates just looks great. Really love the atmosphere it gives off.
I would like to collect a few in 28mm, but the only ones I know are Redoubt which are a bit pricey and most without pictures. However, the ones I did see did look really nice.Does anyone have pics of the Redoubt Ironclads not shown on their web page?  I'm also wondering do any of you know where I could view some other companies 28mm Ironclads. I'm looking for rules at this scale as well to use them with and would appreciate any pointers in that direction.:-)
I should add that I will use scaled down models like almost everything is done in 25mm or it would be far too big! Most ships will measure between 20in and 30in long and 5in to 10in wide.
I really and I mean really would like to get back to painting my ACW material, but my current El Cid project has me tied down until mid September as that's the deadline for an event. To be honest I'm finding it tough going painting this project as my heart just isn't in it right now and it feels more like a job then a hobby at the moment.:-( Of course I'll be happy when I'm done and did it, but still......... Anybody out there in or been in the same situation to commiserate with?