Thursday, April 14, 2011

Year of the the Rules

I'd have to say this year looks to be the year of buying rulebooks and supporting material to rival a third of my miniature expenditures. What's even more surprising is a great deal of it is core rules! It's bordering downright overwhelming!

So far I've already purchased just this year alone:
Regimental Fire and Fury
A House Divided
Guns at Gettysburg
Numerous Source books and Osprey's 

Making it's way to me as I write this:
Heartland Scenario Book
British Grenadier Scenario book 3

On the to get list that's already been released:
Black Powder
Hail Caesar
General de Brigade deluxe edition
General de Brigade scenario books
Impetus series(I have the basic)

On the to get list when released:
British Grenadier deluxe editionClash of Empires
War and Conquest
Kampfgruppe Normandy(if the reviews are tops)
Blücher(if it's released this year)
Stonewall(if it's released this year)
GASLIGHT Compendium 

What's even more crazy is this list will grow as more things are added not yet published or announced yet, plus some I forgot to mention!!:-0