Friday, October 14, 2011

1st North Carolina Militia

This unit has been sitting on my desk well over half done for quite along time and I felt I should finish them up and set them in my cabinet where they belong and so I did.
This is my impression of the 1st North Carolina Militia  although they actually probably looked a bit more shabby then this as I perhaps have too many uniformed soldiers in the line and their clothes are in relatively good shape and not ragged which they likely were.
Information on these units is pretty sketchy to say the least and so I'll just give a general background. Excepting one North Carolina militia which held it's ground at Camden all the rest ran away with many not even firing a shot in anger and so General Greene was hoping to get a bit more from them at Guilford Courthouse and he did. They actually managed some sniping and even a volley which did inflict casualties on the British before throwing down their equipment and running. Since Greene really didn't expect more from them and they did inflict some damage he was content if not happy with their performance.
As to the painting I've continued on with the muddy theme as with the previous units and mixed up military and civilian equipment using mainly Foundry colors. Since I didn't have the time to make a flag or order one I used the free online flag's from in which he has done a fine job, but it seems my printer needs more ink as mine came out a bit faded. Giles also did one of his militia standard bearers getting shot before I did which I think lends itself naturally to this figure and something I kept in mind.
As you can see these are done using black lining and all eyes painted in which I seldom do these days any more as it's extremely time consuming and so I'm not sure if I'll continue to do that on my next AWI unit, but since the rest of the army is that way I'm not sure if it will look right if I don't. Just need to chew it over for a bit. The next AWI unit I'll do will probably be Continentals, but as to when I cannot say just yet.
Thanks for viewing.:-)
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