Thursday, October 20, 2011

Shimazu Samurai

I've been contemplating doing Samurai for many years, but haven't started them due to not having the right rule sets or lists, intimidation of painting them and just not finding the clan that really nailed it for me completely. All that has changed now with Impetus which I believe is a perfect rule set for Samurai and the Shimazu clan that totally fits the bill for me. As to painting intimidation I've decided just paint them and see how it goes instead of worrying about it all the time.
Recently I've seen fantastic Samurai armies coming from folks like Saxon Dog, Fig Man 1, Hetairoi Wargames and perusing the awesome pics on the Perry site again has really restarted my imagination for the period.
I'm not saying I'll be starting them immediately, but they have moved up on my to do list into the top 3 with ACW and Arabs. Since I don't have a imminent project due I'll likely be jumping around mostly between these three projects for the foreseeable future with a few things else here and there. 
Why choose the Shimazu clan? The reason is I really like their background as an underdog clan that is tough as old boots. While they are not a tiny clan or even what I'd term small, they are also not what I'd call a super huge clan either and this really appealed to me as I like the smaller or less well known clans more then the really big well known powerful ones. The clan will include allies from the Arima clan which is a small clan they teamed up with to defeat another larger clan. The colours and mons from these clans I also like. Some good information on them can be found here:
It will mainly be under the leadership of Shimazu Yoshihisaand and his very capable brothers
The picture featured above isn't the Shimazu clan, but is a picture I like and so I featured it.