Sunday, October 21, 2018

Militia Skirmishers #2

Still trying to come to terms with my new camera(year + old) and still not satisfied, but truth be told I don't like taking the time to learn it as I do not like taking pictures, but still enjoy sharing what I do so something of a pickle. These are some more militia skirmishers for my AWI collection to be used primarily for sharp Practice, but also for other systems I use.

I've had these figures painted for some time now, but just got around to photographing and posting them. In fact I probably have at least 6 posts worth of stuff, but a combination of life, laziness to get off my duff take some pics and do a write up has seen me fall way behind.

These guys have already seen action in our first Sharp Practice II game and we had wonderful time and really look forward to get another game in. Did I take pictures of this you may ask? Why of course I did and of course I've yet to write up the report! Reports like pictures of my figures are also way behind.

Currently working on terrain and more AWI plus I've already started a secret project I'll unveil when I have a bit more finished to show, but enjoying it quite a bit!

They were painted using Foundry and Vallajo paints plus some MIG pigments for a little extra dust on the basing. Hopefully my next post will be a little sooner then the last one coming!

Thanks for viewing!
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