Saturday, January 2, 2010

American Colonial Church

This is my version of an American colonial church that I constructed from scratch.It's not based on any real church,but rather bits and pieces that I liked from other ones I've seen.I decided to close the church as the vicar expects nasty weather or raiders rumored to be abroad.
I felt the Bunker Hill scenario needed a church on the battlefield as that really helps add atmosphere and one is often displayed in the distance in various paintings and drawings depicting this battle.
Due to the size of the church,(I got carried away!:-)LoL!)I decided to forgo a scenic background and went for a complete blue background.
I also built and painted up some hedge stone walls(22 pieces)that are not shown,but I'll try and included a few on my next set of pics with AWI if I remember.Although building structures is challenging,fun and rewarding,I'm looking forward to painting miniatures again as that's my true passion.:-)