Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New year! and my 2011 Projects list

First off I'd like to say a pre-emptive  Happy New Year!I hope 2011 is a great year for everyone and my best wishes to all.
The weather we are experiencing really does make one sympathetic for the troops that fought at Valley Forge!
The year 2010 was a decent year in project painting,but not stellar.I'm hoping for a more productive year in 2011.My overall goal like most wargaming painters is to complete more and buy less which is always difficult,but I hope to do better then usual this time.This is primarily for two reasons with the first being to reduce the lead pile of course,but more importantly I want to save a few coins to renovate my hobby room from what is now more a less a storage room with a table and cheap metal shelves to a first rate gaming room.This will be quite expensive and so I'll need to put in some overtime at work and cut back some on expenditures.I'm hoping to start the renovation in September/October 2011 and I'm very excited to see how my dreams will turn out.

So,my project plans for 2011 are(crossed fingers):

Will do for sure due to club commitments or personal:

-BG AWI-Due to the fact I've met another gamer interested in this period I now have additional motivation to paint this period as I'll actually get to game it!I don't expect to get a great amount completed as this period is difficult to paint and so progress will be slow,but there will be progress nonetheless and even some gaming. :-)

-DH Fallschirmjäger(28mm)-Fortunately this project does not require a lot of miniatures which is a blessing due to the difficulty in painting these troop types and since I already have a decent start I have high hopes to finish enough to at least start to game with them.

-FOW Fallschirmjäger(15mm)-Half the project is already completed and so I stand a reasonably decent chance to finish this one.

-Chaos in Cairo-This project stands an excellent chance of seeing completion as the miniature count is very low and the terrain not to difficult to either build or obtain.

-WAB El Cid Christian Army-Since I plan on cutting corners with a this army and the fact that it's all mounted resulting in a lower miniature count should see this one completed.

-The Dead Walk-Yes,we have been bitten by the Zombie bug at our club and will be gaming this next year.Films,TV series and Hasselfree miniatures tipped me over the edge.Again,miniature count isn't that high with each member painting a few Survivors and a handful of Zombies plus card terrain gives this project a very high probability to see it completed.We have decided to try some free rules first and then perhaps some others as well.I have to say this project is easy to generate interest across the board at the club probably due to the fact that killing zombies is very appealing to everyone!!(LoL!)

-Hobby Room- As stated,the most important project in 2011 and I just really hope things come together to see it happen!

-Read More books-Not really a miniature project,but something I've wanted to get back on track again.

Other projects on the lead pile that may get started:

-TVG F&IW Indians-I wasn't sure if this would go in the planned or not as I would really like to do it,but decided the others are more important.

-DH Finns-Really like the mini's,but need a Russian opponent.

-SCW-Love these Empress mini's,but again no opponent so staying in the lead box for the moment.

-WAB ECW-A huge collection,but again no interest at the club and so staying on the back burner.

-WAB Ancient Germans-One of my friends is collecting Romans and so depending on his progress could see this moved into the planned projects.Fantastic Foundry sculpts btw.

-WAB Praetorian Romans- This army is actually painted,but really needs an overhaul and so again largely depends on my friends progress to see if I move it up.

-WAB Assyrians-Lovely Foundry sculpts and very nice colours makes this army very attractive to start........and my Trojans need somebody to fight!

-Impetus Aztecs-This is largely a painters project where the fantastic basing system of this system has inspired me to build a very colourful Aztec army using the outstanding Foundry Aztec range(their best range IMHO).However,since this is a personal project I couldn't place it in the planned as I feel I should do commitments first,but you never know.........

-Impetus Samurai(both 28mm & 15mm)-This is both a personal project and vaguely planned one with a friend.The reason it's not in the planned is what the reason always is.......procrastination.I'm not sure what type of Samurai I want to do with a pleasing uniformed look or a more historical approach of wildly contrasting colours and mons etc..also,I'm not sure if I want to start on Samurai or Sohai Warrior Monks first as I'll being doing both.Also,the high level of difficulty in painting this has me concerned as well.

Not yet on the lead pile,but thinking of.

WAB WOTR-A friend is collecting this period and I'm interested in doing an army with Warwick the King maker,but again project overloads and attempting to save money has me waiting.

WAB Swiss/Landsknechtes-Italian Wars and the colourful period is very attractive,but is a serious commitment in terms of painting requirements in both amount and difficulty which keeps this on the thinking about list for now.

Zulu/Boar Wars-Empress sculpts keep me thinking!

Japanese WWII -Fun to paint,but no club interest in terms of gaming has me holding off on this for now.

WAB Romano British-Would really like an army for this,but waiting to see if Bill at Musketeer does any as he said he will.If Bill makes this line then this will be a buying exception and will move to planned projects.

As you can see I'm a really bouncer in terms of interest and have my greedy fingers in plenty of pots and so there is no end to my to do list.

Very Best Wishes,